SHPE UCSD Presents: Graduate Road Map


Date: May 5th, 2018
Location: Qualcomm Conference Center, Jacobs Hall, UC San Diego

Graduate Road Map 2018 is a one-day conference planned by a committee of undergraduate/graduate students at the University of California, San Diego. Our goal for this conference is to inspire undergraduates pursuing STEM degrees to pursue advanced degrees. We want to focus on promoting opportunities for individuals to enter academia and industry at the graduate level in areas such as research and development, product development, and other high level technical careers.

The low participation of ethnic minorities in STEM graduate programs is a major concern for the future of innovation in the United States. We believe that the future of America is brighter when there are a diverse set of minds working to generate novel solutions to the complex problems facing our society.

Students attending will learn tips about applying to graduate school and discover some of the doors an advanced degree can open up for them.


For additional information, please visit or contact SHPE UCSD President Eddie Tapia ([email protected]) or Student Program Coordinator IDEA Jacobs School of Engineering Ruben Rodriguez ([email protected])

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