SHPE San Diego offers job posting opportunities to our partners. Posting a job with SHPE San Diego exposes the job opening to our network of talented STEM professionals and students in San Diego and the southwest.

SHPE San Diego’s social network reach consists of:

  • Approximately 1200 website visits per month
  • Over 400 email subscribers
  • Over 500 Facebook Likes on our Fan Page
  • As well as reach to hundreds more in our network of Facebook SHPE groups, Twitter and LinkedIn

Job Posting Publication Process
For each job posting we will:

  • List it for thirty(30) days on our website at
    • The listing will include a title, description provided, and link to apply for the position.
  • Post a title and link to it on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts when first published.
    • Our Facebook posts can also be shared to the Regional SHPE Facebook group.
  • Include a link to the job posting in our emails and newsletters during the 30 days.
    • The job posting will be included in at least one (1) email but typically 2 to 3 are sent per month.

Job Posting Pricing
We are offering job postings via the following partnership opportunities:

  1. Via Sponsorship Packages, please contact Victor Guzman at [email protected] for more information. Note that available postings can be used from the moment sponsorship commitment is submitted to SHPE San Diego and must be used within one year.
    1. Platinum Sponsorship – Twelve (12) job postings.
    2. Gold Sponsorship – Six (6) job postings.
    3. Silver Sponsorship – Three (3) job postings.
    4. Bronze Sponsorship – One (1) job postings.
  2. Hosting an Event (Two (2) job posting available for use within 6 months)
  3. Individual Job Posting Purchase (Job postings are available for the low price of $50 each)
  4. Bundle Job Posting Purchase (Six (6) job postings are available for $200, a $100 savings)

Requesting a Job Posting
Please submit job posting requests to Victor Guzman at [email protected] and he will provide you with the information and format needed to publish a post.