Website and Social Media Updates!

Hola SHPE SD Familia!

We’d like to inform everyone of some recent updates to our website and social media presence!  Check out these new features and social media accounts to contribute and stay informed with what SHPE San Diego is doing in the community.

  • We’ve added a Donation Page to allow the community to donate via PayPal.  Wish you could help out but don’t have the time? Why not donate and help SHPE SD continue our work.
  • More Facebook integration on our website.  As you may have noticed you can now comment on our posts using Facebook!
  • Facebook Join the new SHPE San Diego Facebook group! You’ve liked our Page now join our group for a more interactive collaboration! In our group you’ll be able to share and hear about events, scholarships, and more!
  • LinkedIn SHPE San Diego now has a LinkedIn Group and account! Join our group to hear about job opportunities and expand your network to include recruiters from SHPE San Diego’s corporate partners! This is a new group which we are working on growing so join and invite your connections.
  • Student chapters will be posting summaries and invitations to their STEM outreach activities on our site. The City College chapter is the first to post an article on their work with Garfield High School students. Check out their article! If you would like to write a post please contact [email protected]

Check out these new ways to interact with SHPE San Diego and see you online!

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