September GBM Recap: County of San Diego

County of San Diego- GBM 9/23/13
Human Resources Presentation at the County of San Diego- SHPE San Diego Professional Chapter GBM 9/23/13

Living up to the expectations of one of the most anticipated years in SHPE San Diego history was not going to be easy.  You would need to have a hosting company that could set the tone for the rest of the year.  That is what happened when the County of San Diego hosted the Professional chapter’s first general body meeting of the 2013-2014 year.  After a four-month intermission during summer break, professional members and student members alike gathered at the Kearny Mesa facility on the evening of September 23rd to hear opportunities available at the County and the various projects they are involved with.  Representing the County were Luis Perez, P.E., Q.S.D, CIP Development, Lou Cavagnaro, Assistant Director, Department of General Services, Joe Cordero, Director, Office of Ethics and Compliance, and Human Resource representatives Jennifer Callahan and Cristina Ruffo.

The meeting then featured presentations from each student chapter and highlighted key upcoming events.  Representing SHPE City College was Eliel Chavarin Valenzuela, representing SHPE San Diego State University was Giovani Perez, representing SHPE UC San Diego was Rocio Peña, representing SHPE Southwestern College was Christian Murillo, and representing Region 2 was Arturo Sotomayor.  After the students finished, each professional member in attendance introduced themselves and announced what their study was in college and their current employer.  The professional chapter concluded the meeting with the announcement of the October Professional meeting at Raytheon.

In attendance were over twenty professional members and about forty student members representing SHPE Chapters at UC San Diego, San Diego State University, Southwestern College, San Diego City College, and San Diego Mesa College.  Members were given the opportunity to network in an effort to introduce new collegiate members to the professional members and guests new to SHPE.  For those who had never attended a professional meeting, it was an experience that left quite an impression.  Overall, the meeting was a great success and proved to be everything the professional chapter had hoped for.

Thanking Luis Perez for his support.
Thanking Luis Perez for his support in the set up of this meeting.

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