President’s Message

President's Message
Bienvenidos a SHPE. Welcome to a new year filled with exciting opportunities making this year, the best year to become a member. I believe SHPE San Diego is growing in a positive direction led by some of the most dedicated individuals I’ve ever met. The executive board has worked diligently to establish a structured strategy that will advance the organization for the future. 

In alignment with our national organization’s goals, SHPE San Diego is commited to changing lives in the community through our various outreach events. None of this would be possible without the support of our professional membership and student membership. Finally, it is through our corporate partners that we have the support for such a cause. With growing expectations, we will need support from everyone to continue our STEM efforts in the community.

So whether you are new to SHPE or are interested in getting involved again, I welcome you and encourage you to see what the new SHPE San Diego experience is all about.

Luke Anthony Burgan,
SHPE San Diego

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