SHPE SD 2014 Elections

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This year SHPE SD will be voting on 3 executive board member positions:

  • President
  • 1st Vice-President
  • Secretary

Our nomination and election process will be online. Read on to learn more about nominating individuals, running for a position, and the voting process.

  • Visit the Annual Elections page to view short biographies on candidates
  • Nominations are currently open and will be accepted until April 16th 11: 59 PM
  • Send nominations to [email protected] and make sure to CC the nominated individual. Please begin the email subject with “[2014-nomination]“
  • Executive Board Member position responsibilities are up for review on the Executive Board Position Descriptions page
  • Nominated individuals must accept their nominations and provide a brief bio by April 19th 11:59 PM so that we may display them on our website as well as the voting ballots
    • Brief bios can include: candidate info, candidate’s involvement with SHPE, and their plans to enhance the chapter through their position on the board
  • SHPE SD’s voting will be online through
  • Eligible voting members (Paid Members) will be able to vote between April 21st to April 30th 11:59 PM
  • Remember that you must have paid your SHPE Inc. membership dues by April 20th to cast a vote
  • We will announce the election results and install the new board at the 32nd Annual Awards Banquet

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