Update – SHPE’s Management Growth Training 2012 – Registration Ends 9-3-12

Management Growth Training (MGT) 2012
SHPE Professional Members,

SHPE National is proud to present to you SHPE’s 2012 Management Growth Training (MGT) program which provides PMP Training! The program is being offered at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office in Washington D.C. from September 17 to September 21, 2012. The total value of the program is $3,000, but you get this as an exclusive SHPE Professional Member benefit, for the Early rate of $850 until 8-27-2012!

Read the Brochure and then Register for MGT via OneSHPE Today!

Don’t miss out on SHPE’s 2012 MGT program at the Early registration rate! After Monday the Twilight Rate of $950 will be available from August 28th – September 3rd (Midnight).

Attendee Criteria

  • SHPE member in good standing (membership is only $35-$45 annually)
  • 5-10 years of professional experience
  • Management potential

Further Information
For Membership Questions and Sponsorship Options see Last page of brochure.

Conference Location:
US Patent & Trademark Office
Randolph Square
2800 S. Randolph Street, Shirlington, VA 22206

Early Registration Exclusive Offer for SHPE Members includes:

  • Course Fee, All Materials
  • Breakfast/Lunch daily
  • Discounted rates will be available for lodging, airfare and shuttle transportation



Introducing the New SHPE San Diego website!

Saludos SHPE San Diego!

I’d like to introduce you to the new SHPE San Diego website! We’ve been working hard the past few weeks to get the website updated and it’s finally done! Well mostly :p We will soon be adding several new features like a donation page, major event pages, a resume submitting page, a job opportunity submitting page, and much more!
We’ve increased our social media presence as well so:

  • Twitter follow us on Twitter
  • Facebook like us on Facebook
  • YouTube subscribe to our New YouTube channel
  • RSS Add our RSS feed
  • Email subscribe to our email messages
  • and keep an eye out for a new LinkedIn group, and Google+ page

As you can see we have a lot of communication methods so if you’d like to help out with:

  • taking and editing videos
  • managing the social media accounts
  • being the webmaster
  • posting blog entries

Please contact Victor M. Guzman at [email protected] to join the Communication/PR committee.

Finally if you have any feedback or notice any mistakes please send a message to [email protected].


Victor M. Guzman
2nd Vice-President and acting webmaster
SHPE San Diego



President’s Message

President's Message
Bienvenidos a SHPE. Welcome to a new year filled with exciting opportunities making this year, the best year to become a member. I believe SHPE San Diego is growing in a positive direction led by some of the most dedicated individuals I’ve ever met. The executive board has worked diligently to establish a structured strategy that will advance the organization for the future. 

In alignment with our national organization’s goals, SHPE San Diego is commited to changing lives in the community through our various outreach events. None of this would be possible without the support of our professional membership and student membership. Finally, it is through our corporate partners that we have the support for such a cause. With growing expectations, we will need support from everyone to continue our STEM efforts in the community.

So whether you are new to SHPE or are interested in getting involved again, I welcome you and encourage you to see what the new SHPE San Diego experience is all about.

Luke Anthony Burgan,
SHPE San Diego



Flex Your Power Loteria(Bingo) Event @ Granger Junior High School

SHPE Flex Your Power Loteria at Granger
SHPE SD is fortunate to be the recipient of one of the Flex Your Power (FYP) grants offered to non-profit organizations to get the word out about FYP during the crucial months of Aug-Oct, San Diego’s hottest months. The two prong proposal entails FYP Loteria(Bingo) parties throughout the San Diego Community to raise awareness of San Diego and our unique situation and mass communicate via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Email utilizing our Network (MANA, SWE, NSBE, NSHMBA, EYH, La Raza Lawyers).

Our inaugural FYP Loteria Event served as the backdrop in honoring KPBS Local Hero, SHPE SD’s own Mike Cruz.  It was attended by 20 of the brightest STEM students at Granger Junior High School in National City, their educators, counselors, and principal, as well as SHPE SD professionals and collegiate students.

The event took place on Thurs, August 16th, 2012 from 4:00-5:30 PM at Granger Junior High School’s library. The afternoon’s agenda embodied SHPE National’s outreach objective in a nutshell. The planning and concept design of educating San Diego’s youth (ages 10-13) in STEM and Flex Your Power commenced several weeks prior to the event as SHPE SD’s corporate sponsor, SDG&E, proposed a concept of teaching the community about conserving energy and lowering consumption through simple practices at their home, school, or workplace. The students engaged in a Loteria game where messages of conserving energy were described in both English and Spanish along with a concept art image. This idea of mixing a very popular game with educational messages was the inspiration of the SHPE familia’s very own Victoria McKellips. To add extra excitement, each round students who won were asked how they planned to lower their consumption and were given prizes for winning. Between rounds, SHPE professional and college members took turns explaining energy conservation and/or describe how their current job is relevant to the conservation movement. This event embodied SHPE National’s objectives as it engaged all four main target audiences: Corporate partners, SHPE professional members, SHPE college student members, and finally…the community.
FYP Granger 20120816 Some of the Professionals And Students
As if the event wasn’t captivating enough, there was a KPBS camera crew on site capturing all the Loteria action . The crew was on site to document Mike Cruz’s life story, community involvement, and various accomplishments as he was awarded their KPBS local Hero award. The event was a major success as the students not only learned about the importance of energy conservation, but STEM related concepts. We also improved the relationship between the professional chapter and the student chapter, and finally honored one of SHPE SD’s most important individual.
FYP Granger 20120816 Mike and Students

Thanks to the following volunteers for making the event a success!
Luke Burgan
Steven Carrillo
Michael Cruz (of course)
Eliseo Guerrero
Victor M. Guzman
Sandra Wong McKellips

Student Representatives:
Nelson Hernandez
Leonard Lopez
Alex Melgoza
Jose Ramirez
Lea Ricci
Nancy Ronquillo
Hugo Tapia