Lighten Your Energy Load and Save This Holiday Season

LED vs Incandescent Holiday Lights

The holiday season brings beautiful decorations and imaginative use of holiday lights. Save energy and celebrate the holidays safely with these helpful tips:

LED holiday lights can save up to 90% or more when compared to traditional holiday lights. In addition, LEDs are durable and produce very little heat— making them safer to use. LED holiday lights are now available at most grocers, major retailers and home improvement stores.

LED vs Incandescent Holiday Lights

Money Saving Tips

  • Save up to 20% on monthly winter energy bills by lowering the furnace thermostat. For every 2 degrees you lower your thermostat, you can save approximately 5% of your heating costs!
  • Check your furnace filter monthly. Clean or replace it per the manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • Save up to $10 monthly by having home air ducts tested for leaks and sealed, if needed.
  • Save up to 20% on heating costs. Caulking, weather-striping and adequate insulation around doors, windows and in walls helps keep cool air out and warm air in.
  • Shut window coverings at night to help keep heat indoors.
  • Unplug holiday lights and electronic equipment when leaving home or going to sleep.
  • Keep the flue damper tightly closed when the fireplace is not in use.  A chimney is designed specifically for smoke to escape, so warm air will escape unless it’s closed.

Safety Tips

  • Don’t block registers for supply or return air with furniture, plants or other objects.
  • Keep all electrical connections off the ground and dry
  • Water indoor Christmas trees regularly to keep them moist and prevent a fire hazard.
    • Check gas furnace and water heater checked once a year by a licensed heating or plumbing contractor or SDG&E. Set up your free SDG&E gas check online or by phone.
  • Never use your gas oven for space heating.
  • Portable heaters, electric blankets and other heat-producing products shouldn’t be used with extension cords. Plug them directly into the wall and unplug them before leaving the house. Extension cords can be overloaded by these types of devices and possibly cause electrical fires.


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